Our Services

Small animals, dogs, cats, rabbits : 

puce-4 Medicine and surgery

puce-4 Osteopathy (Dr Benzerrak)

puce-4 Hospitalization

 Horses, donkeys, poneys : 

puce-4 Medicine and lameness investigations                                            

puce-4 Equine reproduction    

puce-4 Dentistry

puce-4 Osteopathy (Dr Benzerrak)

Cattles, sheeps, goats, pigs: 

puce-4 Medicine and surgery of farm animals

puce-4 Bovine Reproduction

puce-4 Osteopathy (Dr Benzerrak)

puce-4 Farm cousellling

All species:

puce-4 Blood tests, coprology, mastitis tests, milk antibiotics test

puce-4 Diagnostic imaging, ultrasound scans, radiographs